Copag 1546 Purple/Gray Playing Cards - Jumbo Index - 2 Decks

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  • Copag 1546 playing cards
  • Copag purple and gray playing cards
  • Copag cards
  • Copag 1646 cards
  • Card case


This set of 100% Plastic Poker Size (2.50" x 3.5") Jumbo Index 1546 COPAG cards includes one Purple deck of 1546 Series cards, one Gray deck of 1546 Series cards, and a protective plastic case.

COPAG cards WILL NOT mark dent, or crimp under normal playing conditions.
COPAG cards last 100 times longer than paper and 20 times longer than other cheap imitation plastic cards.
COPAG cards are washable, thereby giving your decks that brand new look for years.
COPAG cards do not scuff or dent, preventing accidental marking.
COPAG cards provide gaming characteristics that make them the optimal card to play.
COPAG is the only card making company to be ISO 9002 certified.
COPAG cards are the most cost effective cards in the world on a per hand basis.

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