Cauldron Smoke 11-Piece Polyhedral Dice Set

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Dice Size:
16mm (2/3 inch)
Dice Shape:
11 Piece Set
Dice Color:
Dice Style:
  • Cauldron Smoke dice set
  • Cauldron Smoke dice set
  • Cauldron Smoke dice set - Black - D&D dice
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Filled with swirls of gray and black, like the rising smoke of a witches brew that is permeated with the sparkling essence of magical energy, this 11-piece dice set will serve you well in all your role-playing adventures.

This set contains extra d6s and d20s, to ensure you have more of the dice you really need:

  • 1 four-sided die (d4)
  • 4 six-sided dice (d6)
  • 1 eight-sided die (d8)
  • 1 ten-sided die (d10)
  • 1 percentile die (d%)
  • 1 twelve-sided die (d12)
  • 2 twenty-sided dice (d20)
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1 Review

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    These are so so Beautiful

    Posted by Andrea Cunningham on Mar 5th 2021

    I personally don't think the picture does these justice. It makes them look like they might have a weird texture like those kids toys with cheap glitter that comes off everywhere. I'm happy to report there is no excess glitter and these feel so nice and smooth in the hands. The colors are beautiful and I love how well the cauldron smoke stands out amongst the other colors.

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