5-pack Blank Deck Boxes

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  • 5-pack Blank Deck Boxes
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five times as ready

great decks win games, but great sideboards win tournaments.So why is it that deck boxes just don't come with sideboard space? well, now they do.Meet the big box, corraller of cards and savior of sideboards.With a half-inch of extra width on cheapie card boxes, stratagem's big boxes hold over 90 sleeved cards (or, if you're a little more cavalier with your cards, over 170 unsleeved).That's enough room for your 60-card deck, your 15-card sideboard, and a fancy matching divider to keep them separate-- all in one box.

but, wait! not one, not two, but five boxes! that’s storage for 450+ cards!

why you'll love it

whether you're a seasoned card gamer, or a casual poker kind of guy/gal, this versatile bundle will be handy dandy for your gaming needs.

concerned for the well-being of animals? this set is the humane alternative to leather bound deck boxes, so you can play without the guilt.For the diy crowd, the

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